Timewarp – Filter / Espresso


Cup: Strawberry, Ribena, Cherry, Candy, Marzipan, Rum and Raisin
Origin: La Palma, Chalatenango, El Salvador
Farmer: Irene Gonzales de Rodriguez
Varietal: Pacas, Pacamara
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,300 MASL
Green buyer: Caravela

Brewing: Suitable for all brewing methods. Works black or with milk.

For best results we recommend purchasing whole bean and grinding fresh before brewing. If you don’t have a grinder, we can grind to your preferred brewing method prior to shipping.


We roast Tuesday to Thursday. Orders are shipped every Thursday. Orders must be placed by midnight on Monday for same week dispatch. We ship via Royal Mail first class.


Irene is an exemplary woman and coffee farmer who now runs Finca Talquezalar after her husband Alfonso Rodriguez passed away in 2020. Talquezalar in the Nahuatl language means sweet grass, a type of grass that thrives in a tropical climate. The farm has been productive for over 40 years, first in the hands of her father in law.  Before taking over, she used to say to Alfonso “why don’t we sell the farm? It only generates losses.” . Over time her feeling about the farm has changed and now, she cannot even think about the idea of selling the land. For thirteen years, she worked alongside her husband, and as the new farm manager, she proudly continues to produce some of the finest coffees from the region, with her daughters Tamara and Paola. What motivates Irene now to continue growing specialty coffee is the desire to build a legacy for her daughters, to create jobs and better incomes for farmworkers and nearby communities, and of course to enjoy the delicious coffee you have grown yourself.

This is a great example of a natural coffee that has just the right amount of fruity notes. It has a good amount of sweetness and a syrupy body to balance the cup so there’s it’s not overpowering and you still can enjoy the layers of interesting flavours (it reminds me of Rum at Raisin among other flavours). The sweetness and balance of this coffee as well as its solubility makes it suitable for any brewing method and it’s also great with milk.

Additional information

Weight .025 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 16.5 × 5.2 cm

250g, 1KG

Wholebean or Ground

Wholebean, Ground for Espresso, Ground for Mocha Pot, Ground for Drip Filter, Ground for French Press